Board Meetings

Board Meeting
6th February 2014
Present :
Gordon Profit, Jym Hay, Sandy Monfries, Gary Burns, Alastair Brookes, Mike Dickins.

1. We now have five or six sharesave members who have now contributed over £250. I was decided to write to them to ask whether they wish to cash the money in and have shares
for themselves or donate to the FSS Share holding. Mike to check with Peter for members full details MD/GP

2. We raised £305 for Ayrshire Hospice who have been treating Sammy Conn. Jym will post a cheque and Alastair will transfer the balance of the cash he still has at home. JH/AB

3. Mike will bank all moneys each month and Gordon will produce a monthly balance sheet and Sharesave update MD/GP

4. It was decided that the two people who have asked to join the Board will be co-opted at the next public meeting. Each one of the Board is charged to bring one extra Board member each. ALL

5. Everyone would like to explore the joint initiative with the Falkirk Herald. Gordon to make contact with David Oliver to try to get the project off the ground. GP

6. Alastair Brookes will put together a list of fund raising ideas for everyone to discuss. AB

7. It was agreed the database needs to be accurate. Jym, Mike and Sandy to put together. JH/SM/MD

8. We agreed that amends need to be made to the constitution to bring it up to date and modernise it. Jym Hay, Gary Burns and Gordon Profit to report back to the next meeting JH/GB/GP

9. Gordon to speak to SDS to ensure the idea on the election for the next fans rep fits in with SD best practice. Jym and Gordon to investigate and recommend an online voting system. GP/JH

10. FSS to drive a first aid course for Fans so if a repeat of the incidents at Morton and Kilmarnock ever happened at TFS we may have someone on hand very quickly. Gordon to get in touch
with Ian Tough. GP