How does it Work?

Share Save Scheme Explained

One of the options for members of the trust is to participate in the ‘Share Save’ scheme, one of the first schemes of its type.

So how does it work?

Members can elect to make regular monthly payments to the Trust starting with a minimum of £10 per month. In return, at the end of the agreed period of time you receive shares in Falkirk FC IN YOUR OWN NAME or you can donate them to the Falkirk Supporters’ Society, subject to your contributions over the term amassing the minimum requirement of £270, the limit set by the club. When you have paid this amount of money you receive £250 of shares, two years memebership of FSS and we take a small admin fee of £10.

At this moment in time, shares are currently set at £0.50 each but as with all such investments the value of shares can go up or down and this is not within the Society’s control.

Shares will be allocated to your account on the basis of the price on the day they are purchased.

This scheme is an additional option for members and is in addition to your normal annual membership fee.