About Share Save

Falkirk Supporters’ Society – Save Scheme

The most vital ingredient in any club is the fans.

The aim of The Society share save scheme is to encourage ALL supporters to invest in the club and ensure that we have an influence at the highest level of the club.

Our Share Save scheme, enables Falkirk supporters to invest in Falkirk Football club. The benefits of this initiative are two-fold, fans can have a share of their club and a say in how it is run, while the financial gains are invested in the club’s Academy.

This long-running initiative lets fans contribute from a minimum of £10 per month into the savings scheme. On maturity, the money will be used to buy newly issued shares in Falkirk Football Club, and as such all money raised goes to the club.

Members of The Falkirk Supporters Society will receive ordinary shares in the club and a greater say in how the club is run. The shares are bought in the investor’s name. However fans are not ‘locked in’ and can extract their money or shares at any time. Alternatively fans can donate their share to The Society which in turn helps grow the influence the fans have.

Joining is simple. Just fill in the application form, return it to your financial institution, and start to make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Paterson

Chairman, Falkirk Supporters’ Society